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BMX Protective Gear

BMX protective gear for complete protection during racing and riding

BMX riding involves lots of dangers as well as challenges. Though the tricks and challenges differ from dirt racing to street riding, still you need maximum protection in all of them to avoid injuries. Shockgarden offers wide range of protection accessories comprising BMX pads, elbow and knee pads, BMX shin guards, BMX shoes, etc.

BMX Protection accessories: Why and what you require?

So, you bought your favorite BMX bike. What next? The next important thing is to equip yourself with essential BMX gear and that depends on the type of riding you are planning for. You need additional protective gears if you are going for long distance riding as compared to when you are doing street or trick riding. The most important BMX protective gears are:

  • BMX pads
  • BMX elbow pads
  • BMX knee pads
  • BMX shin guards
  • BMX shoes
  • BMX pads

Buy top rated protection accessories from the original protective gear store- Shockgarden

We have fine selection of protective gears ranging from BMX pads, BMX shin guards, BMX shoes, BMX elbow pads, BMX knee pads to BMX helmets. We strive hard to offer you the best quality protective gear and that too at a competitive price. Just click to shop and get your accessories deliver at your door safely. So, shop now & indulge in your favorite action sport with complete safety.

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Docmeter Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guards

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