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Longboard Protective Gear

Now enjoy your favorite sport using longboard protective gear

We are providing you best longboard protective accessories including longboard helmets, gloves, sliding shorts and wrist guards. Simply browse through our website and you can find a wide range of safety products at very competitive and affordable prices.

Gear up Your Safety by Top Quality Safety Guards

Long boarding is a very common game in our country that is enjoyed by all genres. It requires rich craftsmanship and skills as little loss of control can lead to heavy damage. So, players make the sport more thrilling by reducing the dangers by using best protective gears for longboarding. Depending upon your needs and requirements, Shock Garden appears to be the most significant online company that comes up with exciting brands for safety gears, especially for your safety and protection.

For any sport lover, as we all know, thrill being the key element overlooks any dangers coming on the way. Competition readily sways away the fear and the temptation to win is on the higher level. However, whatever might be the tendency of thrill, give you some food for thought and understand the reality. Be a smart player and reduce the chances of risks and dangers. We, at Shock Garden understand your requirements and showcase the right gears compatible for your needs. We have an original protective gear store that relentlessly focuses on high quality products.

Longboarders, Stay Safe with High Protective Gears

For those Longboarders whose safety matters to us a lot, we have exciting varieties that suits their structure and shape. We have gloves, helmets, pads and many more that safeguards your head, eyes, elbows, knees, joints etc. If you are more cautious about your knees and elbows, not to worry, we have wide range of options available at our store. Out of the other gears, Pro Tec Street Elbow Pads is the most significant. These pads feature high advanced protection with ultimate comfort. They fully cover your elbows without restricting their movements. They can also be availed at different sizes that fit everyone.

Other than elbows, Longboarders who are more particular about their head, we have innumerable options for top rated helmets. If you are looking to cover your full face, Demon Phantom Helmet is the ideal one for you. It is designed to offer complete protection with comfortable fit. This Demon helmet is great not only for snowboarding but also for skiing, snowboarding etc.

If you want to look for more varieties and search more, explore our category page and be the first one to order today.


Feel the full Adventure of Long Boarding with Long Board Protection Gears

Many people love to live life on the edge filled with thrill and action. With the growing interest in the adventure sports these days, it brings lots of joy and a feeling of achievement to the people who practice these exciting sports. No matter, whether you are a professional or an amateur, it is mandatory for all to use numerous protective gears to safe guard your sensitive parts of the body. There is variety of gears available to shield you from any kind of damage such as Wrist Guards for BMX, protective Full Face Helmet for BMX etc. All of these defensive gears are very beneficial for the people who practice adventure. Read More

Ensuring Complete Safety Along With Action

For some people, adventure is like hair raising action and while enjoying the thrills, they tend to forget the dangers which come along with it. With the increasing risk of the adventure sport, the variety of protective gears is also increasing in order to ensure the higher safety level and utmost comfort for the players. Shock Garden serves a huge variety of protective gears for every adventure sports like safety Gloves in the BMX sport and a Full Face Hemet to protect face and head for BMX. All these protective kit not only act as your safeguard but also keep your comfort level in mind. Read More

Keeping the Wrists Protected With the Wrist Guards

Worried about the risk involved in the adventure? Don't sweat your captivating face! Shock Garden is here to provide you all the protection while you roll down the Long Board, along with the thrills that come with the adventure. All the Protection gear we provide is innovatively designed to make your sport ride safe and full of action. We have a wide range of protective kit which shall solve your entire problem of an adventure trip. Our products are derived from the properties like comfort, superior quality and complete protection of the sensitive parts of the body such as Protective Wrist Guards for BMX. Read More

Experience the Action of Adventure with Safety

You too want to enjoy the thrill of adventure? Wish to go on an adventurous spree?? If yes then don't forget to carry your protection back pack for the trip. The required protective measures are very important and should be kept in mind by the people who love experience action in their lives. Our company, Shock Garden is the one stop solution for all kind of protective gears for every adventurous sport. We serve our customers with innovatively designed and comfortable gear and further reduce the risk of injury and crash. There is plethora of safe guard products which makes your thrilling trip more safe and secure. Read More

An effective Way to guard your knee while you roll on a Long Board

Adventure is loved and practiced almost by everyone once in life, but many of them tend to forget the risk and danger involved in it. While you enjoy the thrills of the sport, you should always take care of yourself by protecting your body from any danger and serious injury. Here, Shock Garden has engineered dynamic protection gear for the people who love to taste action in their life. Protective Long board knee pads are one of the essential and required safety measures while you board down your campus or the twisted mountains roads. We also offer a wide range of protective gears such as high quality Mouth Guards and protective full face helmets for BMX. Read More

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