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Mountain bike helmet: enjoy your mountain biking experience without worrying about your head protection

Biking is a challenging game and while riding, you are at a very high of falling and getting injured. So, you need a high quality mountain bike helmet. On the basis of type of riding you prefer, you can choose between full face mountain bike helmet and open face mountain bike helmet. We offer a wide range of mountain bike helmet just for you!

Choose your appropriate helmet as per your riding type

Basically, there are two styles of helmets: one is the full face mountain bike helmet and another one s the open face mountain bike helmet. If you are planning for cross country, single track or recreational riding, open face mountain bike helmet are best for you. But, if you are going for downhill riding or dirt jumping that involves lots of risks, you should prefer buying full face mountain bike helmets.

Before choosing a helmet, you need to look at some important tips:

  • The most important thing is the perfect fit. Your helmet should not be too loose or too tight.
  • Always measure the size of your head so that you can order an ideally sized helmet for you.
  • Choose helmet with an adjustable fit system, so that you can fit it as per your preference.
  • It must feature adjustable strap as well as a secure buckle.
  • Make sure to inspect it regularly as it can get damaged due to chemicals or temperature extremes.

Advanced features of our mountain bike helmets:

All our helmets are developed using latest manufacturing techniques and are incorporated with highly advanced features. These features are:

  • Comprises fiberglass exterior hard-shell for extra protection
  • Features extra thick EPS foam liner
  • Cooling vents to allow maximum inflow and outflow of air
  • Visor for the perfect fit
  • Extremely light in weight

Choose top rated head gear at competitive rates from the original protection accessory store- Shockgarden

Looking for right head gear for mountain biking? We have a wide range of top rated head gear that is developed using high quality material and newest manufacturing techniques. Browse from our large collection of protective gears and place your order today!

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