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Mountain Bike Protective Gear

Get right protection accessories for Mountain Biking

Are you riding through trails, downhill riding, free riding or jump riding? If yes, then you need to have high quality mountain biking protection. For this, you must have all the essential protection gear comprising mountain bike helmets, mountain bike knee pads , elbow pads, etc. with you. Shockgarden offers you a wide range of MTB protection gears from famous brands at a single place.

Ensure Your Safety with Perfect Protective Gears for Mountain Biking

Riding bike is fun, but the injuries aren't fun. Whether you are riding bike across the country or through mountainous roads, you need the best quality of protective gears to shield yourself from any critical injury. The high speed of the bike always thrills but nevertheless it kills in the end if proper safety measures are not employed. Riding a high speed machine is like risking your life just for mere fun. While, you ramp up your skills of biking and try new moves with your bike, all you need is to protect your body with effective and efficient mountain biking protective gears.

Why you should wear protective gears?

While you ride on a high thrilling speed on bouncy mountain path, your whole body is prone to hazardous injuries. In order for the complete protection of your body wear required protection gear to safe guard yourself from any sort of damage. As we all know that head is one of the most vulnerable part of the body when you ride a killer machine like bike. It is open to every possible injury at the time of crash or fall, protect your head with the huge variety of top rated full face helmets for the complete protection of your head and face.

The risk involves in biking doesn't restrict to the head and face safety. You need to protect other sensitive parts of the body as well. In a sport like mountain biking involves a lot of hands movements which makes it very necessary to shield your hands from any uncertainty of severe injury. Shock Garden offers a huge variety of superior quality and utmost comfortable SixSixOne DJ Elbow Guards elbow guardswhich amazingly protect your vulnerable pair of elbows.

Most important piece of mountain biking gears

Now, when you have bought a mountain bike, don't dare to hit the road without the adequate safety gear. Protective gears are the best investment for your beloved sport, one of such important investment is buying the apt gear to protect your ankle while you ride. As ankle plays a vital role in the leg movement of the body so it needed to be protected wisely before you head riding. Protec Soft Ankle Guard is a smart tool to protect your ankle from any injury.


Safe Mountain Biking With Mountain Bike Padded Shorts

The popularity of mountain biking is increasing very rapidly within all age groups in today's world. It brings lot of thrill and joy in riders with some potential risk of injuries. No matter, whether, you're a professional mountain bike rider or an amateur trying some simple moves, it is extremely important for you to have right type of protective gears to ensure your complete safety. Mountain bike padded shorts are one such important protective gears that you should have to protect your thigh, tailbone and nearby areas. Shock Garden offers you a wide range of padded shorts for MTB that is exclusively designed for this sport. Read More

Protect Your Fragile Knees with MTB Knee Pads

Mountain biking is one of the most thrilling adventure sports that requires high skill and top rated protective gears to ensure complete safety. Shock Garden brings for you some of the most comfortable and impact resistance MTB knee pads that can offer you complete safety in case of any mishap or crash. With so many knee pads for mountain biking available on our online store, one can easily get confused which one is right. However, once you will read this blog, you will be aware about some of the most advance knee pads MTB that are available on our online store. Read More

Elbows Stay Protected With MTB Elbow Pads

Any experienced adventure sports player can tell you, how crucial a superior quality elbow pads is for adventure sports. No matter, whether you're an experienced mountain bike player or an amateur player trying some simple moves, elbow pads for mountain biking is extremely important for you to ensure safety in case of any mishap or fall. Elbow is the most vulnerable part of our body because we often land on our elbow in case of crash and fall. Shock Garden brings for you a wide range of latest designed Elbow pads for MTB that are highly durable and comfortable upon wearing. Read More

Keep the Head Intact With MTB Helmets

Mountain biking brings lot of thrill to their riders along with the higher level of risk. Without right type of protective gears, there are huge chances that you just end up with the severe injury. Mountain bike Helmet Half Cut is one of the most important protective gears that protect head and skull in case of fall and crash. A severe head injury may lead to the brain hemorrhage or even death to the MTB riders. Read More

Absolute Leg Safety with Finest Shin Guards

Mountain biking is one of the riskiest adventure sports that brings lot of thrill to the bikers. Now, if you're the one who loves this game then you should use the proper protective gears to ensure safety during the adventure sports. Many people get severe injury and even die in the absence of proper protective gears. Mountain bike shin guards are one such important protective gears that you should use during the mountain biking to avoid injury in your leg. Often, people overlook this crucial protective gear and end up with severe injury in their legs. Shock Garden offers a wide range of MTB shin guards that are exclusively designed to protect your foot in case of accidents. Read More

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