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Roller Derby Protective Gear

Choose from the best selection of roller derby accessories from the trusted source

Shockgarden is a one-stop-shop for all your protective gear requirements. We offer a complete range of roller derby protection accessories such as Roller Derby pads, helmet, ankle guards, elbow pads, gloves, mouth guards, etc. So, no matter whether you are a beginner or highly proficient in your game, just wear roller derby protection gear to enjoy your game to the fullest.

Excitement Cannot Save Your Life but Protection Gear Can

Do you want to amaze yourself with a rusty adventure sports? Do you know that roller derby can thrill you with new excitement heights? Are you ready to experience one of the dodgiest sports? If yes then your skills is not enough to support you on the ground because it demands lot of protection gears as this sports includes lot of rough pushes, rolling, crashes and speed that makes this sport very accident prone and if you are not wearing enough roller derby gears you might get taste of injury.

Roller derby gears can safeguard you from the uncertain accidents

There are many protection gears for this specific sport which is offered by many companies. Shock Garden is also providing superior quality safety gears and Roller Derby Helmets is one of the very important safety guards as it gives protection to the most delicate and important part of the body head. Every time you fall and if you are not wearing perfect head gear you might get serious injured. There are other gears which are equally important for your complete safety and to know more about the roller derby helmets click on the link.

Protection gears will not let you down on the safety standard

As we already discussed that this sports a wide range of safety gears, we will like to tell you that mouth protection is also very important because it is extremely sensitive part of the body with high soft skin and therefore Shock Doctor Braces Double Mouthguard is a perfect choice for your mouth protection as it has all the features that can give you absolute protection. It is loaded with fully medical grade silicone and with promise of protection on upper and lower teeth layer. Our company also deals in other roller derby mouth guards which you can explore by clicking on the link.

Shock Garden has a wide range of protection gears which is known for their amazing safety quality and comfort function. If you planning to going for any adventure sports then you can try our products just by clicking on that link and you will definitely like our product.


Roller Derby Pads- Safety Measures For Every Sports Lover

Every human being is a great fan of sports. Whether it's the children or adults, all participate in various outdoor activities with great fun and excitement. Roller derby is a popular game that is enjoyed by all. No matter whether you are male or female; safety measures are required for all as the phrase goes 'Prevention is better than cure'. There are innumerable varieties of pads for roller derby that will protect your body parts such as knees, thighs, elbows etc. Ski Padded shots are a kind of short pants with preventive pads that enhances the protection of your thighs, hips and tailbone when you fall down. Also there are BMX wrist guards that protect your wrists from getting injured. Shock Garden offers varieties of pads that are designed for your safety and protection. Read More

Be always protected by High Quality Gears

Adventurous activities and dangers always go hand in hand and a good player must know how to overcome the mishap or unfortunate happenings by using some protective measures. If you are also interested in playing outdoor sports, you must know the technique of safeguarding the vulnerable parts of your body. No matter you are a kid or an adult, protection is must for all. A variety of protective gears and ski accessories are available in the market that comes in varied designs and sizes. Also there are ski padded shorts that enhances the protection of your elbows. On the top, Shock Garden takes pride in offering top quality gears and accessories for an adventurous sports lover. Read More

Complete Protection with Essential Safety Accessories

If you are a sports lover then of course, you must be aware that playing without protection is a mortal sin. Safety is associated with your life and the absence of which can lead to severe accidents. So, it is always advisable not to play with your life and use essential safety accessories that are mainly designed to protect your head, eyes, wrist, elbows and other important gears. If you are so much prone to precaution, then why not approach our company, Shock Garden which is a leading brand offering top quality preventive accessory for your safety. We offer ski padded shorts that enhances the protection of your elbows, thighs, hips and the nearby areas. Also there are different varieties of ski accessories which include helmets, suits, shoes etc for your complete protection. Read More

Padded Shorts- A Complete Protective Measure for Your Body

If you are a skilled roller derby player, do not take a risk with your safety. Ensure that you are using the best safeguard measures for the protection of your body parts. Most importantly, secure the elbows, thighs, hips etc. by using top quality padded shorts. Also, make sure that your wrists are completely covered by the essential wrist guards. Shock Garden, a trusted name which features high quality protective gears that ensure complete protection of your vulnerable parts. Our company has the best BMX wrist guards that offer ultimate protection to your wrist. Do not forget to carry the ski padded shorts that are not only comfortable but also looks stylish. This leading brand offers necessary protective elements that are perfectly suitable for you. Read More

Wrist Guards- Extremely Stylish, elegant and Full of Protection

Roller derby is an exciting game that brings in a lot of thrill and adventure. Along with the thrill, it also elongates with higher level of risk. Therefore, it is very important to use the right type of protective elements. Shock Garden comes up with exciting ranges of safeguarding gears that enhances the protection of some of the important parts of your body. It features high quality wrist guards that better safety of elbows, arms and wrists. Furthermore, if you are more cautioned about your legs, thighs, hips etc, we have superior varieties of ski accessories including shoes, suits, armors and more that works as protective shield. Also, we offer top rated padded shorts for extreme protection of your legs and other lower body parts. All the significant protective elements look so stylish, elegant and at the same time very comfortable to wear. Read More

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