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SKI Protective Gear

Enhance your protection with best quality ski protective gears and accessories

Skiing is the most common winter sport that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. While enjoying your favorite sport, it is important to protect yourself from impacts as well as chilling cold. Shockgarden is here to offer wide range of ski helmets and pads that can offer complete protection to let you enjoy your favorite snow sport without any hassle. We have all the important protective gears that can protect you from head to toe.

Ski helmets for enhanced head protection

Basically, there are two types of helmets that is full face helmet and open face helmet. While open face helmet offer protection only to your head, full face helmet offers complete protection to head as well as face.

Choose from the finest range of ski protective gears at original store- Shockgarden

We strive hard to prepare best quality protective gears for you! We are concerned about your safety and for this our team of professionals manufactures quality protection accessories using newest and latest techniques. So, shop today and enjoy your skiing experience like never before.

Safe Skiing With the Apt Protective Gears

Are you one of those who love to sway around the icy twisty slopes? Or one of those who wait for winters just to ski down the highest peak. While making these thrilling plans, don't forget the danger involved in zipping down the icy slippery hills. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, who is trying this sport just for mere fun, the monster of risk is as dangerous as for the professional skier.

Every skier should employ a good and complete range of skiing protective helmets and other protective gears to safe them from any hazardous uncertainty. As skiing is one sport which involves loads of breath taking action and ice cold thrills and with such exciting activity increases the tendency of fall, crash and serious fatal injuries to the skier. Shock Garden serves you with the best quality of ski helmets which ensures your utmost protection and comfort level.

Shield yourself with utmost quality of ski protective gears

As we all know, head is the most sensitive part of the body and open to most of the injuries. However, in a sport like skiing, your head can be protected with the strong protective helmet except the other vulnerable parts such as knees and elbows are exposed to more injuries than other parts of the body. For complete protection of your knees while skiing across the icy mountains you can pick Triple Eight Second Skin Knee Pads for absolute protection of your knee which comes with high durability and adjustable straps for better fitting. Also, they are ideally engineered to protect your knees from high impact jerks in risky sports like skiing.

While when your knees are protected with superior quality knee pads, your elbow and mouth too need an extra attention during the sport. SixSixOne DJ Elbow Guards can be your best friend and shield your sensitive pair of elbows. This amazing pair of elbow guard is highly durable and constitutes of elbow cups made up of 2mm thick polycarbonate hard shell to protect your elbows from any injury. Furthermore, skiing is a sport which totally depends on balancing capability of the skier that increases the tendency of mouth injury. To safeguard your mouth from any damage employ Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard for the entire protection of your mouth on the move.


Feel the Adventure of Skiing With the Protective Gears

Skiing is the very famous and popular winter game. It is a very adventurous & thrilling sport and the possibilities of risk and accidents are always high. Every year, many skiers face the very severe and serious head injuries which may results in a brain hemorrhage or even death of the skier. Ski helmets are the very important protected gear to save you from the head and skull injuries. So, it is very important to select the top quality ski helmets to protect your head against the serious crashes. Our company, Shock Garden offers the complete wide range of protective gears like roller derby helmets, finest skateboard knee pads and many more. Read More

Rendering Absolute Safety to the Knees

Skiing is the very thrilling and adventurous sports and requires a high skill and strength. During the skiing session, there is a very high risk of fall down and getting injuries, therefore to protect your body at the time of crashes the high quality of protective gears are needed. The knees are the very vulnerable part of the body that is why the skiers wear the ski knees pads to avoid the knee injuries. Our company, shock garden offers the comfortable and quality protective accessories like skateboard knee pads, mountain bike goggles and many more. To protect your knees from the severe injuries, we offer the comfortable knees pads for ski sport. Read More

Importance of protective gears

Skiing is the very famous s and popular sport. It is very thrilling & exciting game and requires top rated high quality protective gears to ensure complete safety. If you are skiing lover you should know the ski protection gear for the complete safety. It doesn't matter either you are experienced or beginners, the trainers always recommended to wear the full ski protective gears. Our company Shock Garden brings the most comfortable and high resistance safety gears like roller derby mouth guards, BMX Protection and many more. There are number of safety gears are available in our store you can easily select from our collection according to your requirement. Read More

Give Your Mouth Full Protection with the Mouth Guards

As we all know all the adventurous and thrilling sport demands lot of protection gears as it involves lot of skills and courage because this sport is all about high speed, dirt stunts, extreme height and skills but as we all know accidents happens without intimation so it is always better to be prepared for the worst. There are many protection gear which can reduced the chances of injuries like roller derby mouth and skateboard knee pads. And, our company shock garden is providing services of this protection gears for so many years with utmost customer satisfaction with high quality safety and comfort products. Read More

Enhance your sight with the top quality Ski Goggles

Are you an experienced skiing rider? If yes then you must know the importance of protective gears to ensure the complete safety. During the sport, the chances of risk and accidents are always high, so it is very important to wear a complete protective gear to protect in case of crash and fall. Eyes are the very sensitive part of the human body, during the skiing there are lots of harmful snow particles and sun rays can damage your eyes. It necessary to use high quality of ski goggles to prevent your eyes. Shock Garden brings the amazing collection of protective gears like ski goggles, bmx goggles, BMX Protection and more. Read More

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