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Safeguard Yourself with BMX Protective Gear

BMX racing is a fast-paced, exciting sport that pits a rider against others within their age group or skill class. It can be extremely varied, with different terrain, obstacles and more. However, for all the diversity in BMX racing, there is one constant the need for protective gear. As BMX racing is a very physical sport, there are many ways that you can be injured on the track. Ensuring that you have the best BMX protective gear is essential for all riders, no matter your age or skill level.

You will find that most protective gear for riders is actually derived from motocross, or MX. You can even transfer most equipment from one sport to the other, including helmets, roost deflectors, elbow and kneepads and kidney belts.

What Equipment Is Available

Before you rush out and start buying equipment, you need to know a bit more about what's available, as well as what you need (and why you need it). Let's take a look at the various pieces of equipment and learn a little more about each.

Helmets are the one piece of equipment mandated by the American Bicycle Association (the governing body of BMX racing). You'll find that there are different types of helmets out there, too. One type of bike helmet resembles a skateboard helmet more than it does an MX helmet. It sits low over the forehead and has holes cut in it for ventilation. These are best for urban riders. Those who are going to take to the dirt racecourse should have an MX style helmet with a roost deflector and a protective face extension.

Wrist guards are also important considerations. These will protect your wrists from over flexing in one direction or the other, as well as protecting against abrasions. Elbow pads are also vital considerations, and you will find hard shell and soft shell versions available. Gloves should always be worn, as they help you keep a firm grip on your handlebars, but also protect your hands from contact with the ground or with other riders.

Kneepads and shin protection are vital here, as well. Kneepads will help keep your knees in one piece when you contact the dirt, pavement or another rider, while shin protectors will do the same job for your shins (and can help protect you from abrasions, too).

Chest protectors, or roost deflectors as they're called, can be worn, and many riders opt for these devices, particularly those racing on dirt. Kidney belts are also available, as are special shorts designed to help absorb an impact. Finally, neck braces can also be purchased, though these are somewhat rare in the sport of BMX racing.

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