Demon Flex Force X | D3O Padded Shorts


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Demon Flex Force X | D3O Padded Shorts

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Demon Flex Force X | D3O Padded Shorts

  • D3O protective material
  • Comfortable breathable fabric design
  • Full coverage on tailbone, hips and thighs for maximum protection

The Demon Flex Force X | D3O Padded Shorts for ski and snowboard. These NEW top-rated padded shorts from Demon come equipped with D3O protective material, intelligent material that is soft to the touch but upon impact hardens, distributing the force of a blow to lessen the possibility of injuries. The Demon Flex Force X padded shorts have hip, thigh and tailbone protection and will protect for all action sports.

The tailbone protection on these padded shorts from Demon, the Demon Flex Force X padded shorts, <>NEW for 2012, features d3o intelligent protective material. The tail bone padding on these padded shorts with d3o, is soft and comfortable, but when needed most, upon impact it stiffens to distribute the force of an impact protecting your body from damage. "Now growing all things protective" Contact us anytime by email:, through LIVE CHAT at the lower right corner of our page, on Facebook (click the LIKE button) or call us 1-800-766-7269


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