EVS Celtek Kidney Belt


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EVS Celtek Kidney Belt

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EVS Celtek Kidney Belt

EVS Celtek Kidney Belt is the new and improved range of protective gear and is perfect for BMX & mountain biking. It offers complete protection and support to lower spine protection. This is a great protective gear for your internal organs. Wear it for protection where you know you may have hard falls.

EVS Celtek Kidney Belt why is it important?

EVS Celtek Kidney Belt is the best protective gear for the lower back support and protection. There are some sporting situations when there is a lot of pressure and risk on your lower back. In such situations, the EVS Celtek Kidney Belt helps to alleviate the pain while protecting the internal organs in an efficient manner. Your safety lies in your hand and the new Celtek Kidney Belt by EVS is the best protective gear to provide your complete safety.

Features of EVS Celtek Kidney Belt:

  • Reinforced lower spine panel
  • High density TPR panel for impact resistance
  • Channeled hex-foam for maximum ventilation & support
  • Dual pull Velcro adjustment system
  • Ergonomically designed to provide maximum support & mobility

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