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Learn which MMA Pads and training equipment you need in our Tech School

Digging to the Bottom of MMA Training Pads and Equipment

Now that we've touched on the types of MMA pads and training equipment out there, it's time to look a little deeper at the subjects. It helps to know what you'll spend on these, as well as some other important details. Thai Kick Pads: Thai kick pads are innovative training tools that allow you, the fighter, to kick hard against your trainer, coach or partner. These come in pairs, and are worn on your partner's arms. The thick padding on these prevents the force of your kick from being transmitted to your partner, without affecting your training at all. Depending on the type, size and style of Thai kick pads you choose, you can spend between $90 and $150.

Punch Mitts: It's difficult to imagine a more necessary training tool and protective system than punch mitts. These handy devices allow you to punch and your training partner to block, all at performance levels. Punch mitts are important for fighters to be able to ensure that your performance is as high as possible, but they also ensure that you don't injure your training partner at the same time. You'll find that these can be as cheap as $50 per set, though some of them can run over $100 for a set. The price depends on the style (angular, traditional, mantis, etc.), as well as the material (synthetic or leather).

Shields and Targets: Targets are used to provide protection for your partner, but also to help increase your accuracy in hitting a specific spot (both stationary and moving). Shields are used much like Thai kick pads and punch mitts they're just larger and solid, rather than being a pair. Shields allow full body hits without harm, helping to increase the effectiveness of your training. A good shield can be found for about $50, though some options can range as high as $120 or more. Targets can be as cheap as $50 or as expensive as $150, depending on the brand and type of target in question.

Body Protectors: There is no question about the value of body protectors in a sparring match. These come in a range of types, from chest/vest protectors to belly pads and more. They are also available with different levels of padding, depending on hitting style, speed and strength. Depending on the type of body protector in question, the price can be as low as $40 or as high as $450. Again, brand, construction and type will be the largest determining factors in the price here.

Gloves: Gloves range in price, just as they do in type. Affordable gloves can be found for $20 or $30. However, a decent set of MMA sparring gloves might set you back $90 or $100, depending on the padding system used and the brand. Fight gloves can range from $20 to $100. MMA hybrid gloves carry the same price range as their traditional counterparts, and top out around $70 or $80.

Using this list and information, you can find the best MMA pads and training equipment for your needs, and ramp up your performance and fighting ability in no time.

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