Learn about which Skateboarding Protective Gear is right for you in our Tech School


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Learn about which Skateboarding Protective Gear is right for you in our Tech School

Digging Deeper and Identifying Good Gear

Now that you have a little more information about the types of skateboard protective gear you should purchase, you need to dig a bit deeper into each option listed above. Helmets: Ensuring that you have the right helmet is imperative. It's vital that you purchase a helmet made for skateboarding, rather than repurposing another one, such as a bicycle helmet. Skateboard helmets are made in a specific style to meet the safety needs of the sport. You'll find that they fit differently from other helmets, as well. Any skateboard helmet that you choose should fit snuggly on the head, and should not move when you move your head. The front line of the helmet should fit low on your forehead, with only a finger's width of space between the edge and your eyebrows. Finally, you should make sure that it has sturdy straps that form a V over the years. You can expect to pay between $20 and $60 or so for a decent skateboarding helmet.

Elbow and Kneepads: You'll need to make sure that you choose the right kind of elbow and kneepads. There are both hard and soft shell pads on the market. Softer pads offer greater range of movement, but they provide less protection overall. Hard shell pads are the most popular option, and provide the most protection for your joints. You can expect to pay between $25 and $40 for a decent set of kneepads or elbow pads (hard or soft shell).

Wrist Pads and Gloves: Wrist guards are usually soft shell, and provide flexibility along with protection for your wrists. Look for a set that has splints built into the guards to prevent your wrists from extending backward or forward too far. You will find three varieties of these guards, including guards built into gloves, guards that wrap up to your palm, but do not protect your fingers and simple wrist guards that do not cover the palm. Wrist guards can cost between $15 and $40 depending on the type and style that you decide to purchase.

Ankle and Shin Guards: Ankle and shin guards are available in both hard and soft shell varieties. Like knee and elbow pads, the soft shell guards will offer more flexibility but less protection from objects and structures. Hard shell guards will provide better protection but less flexibility and are harder to wear under clothing. You will find both separate and individual pieces, though the individual ones are better options for many. Price wise, you can expect to pay between $40 and $50 for a decent set.

Skate Shoes: Skate shoes are not technically protective gear, but they do help you skate more safely by providing good grip on the board's surface, as well as providing you with more stable footing. There are myriad brands of skate shoes out there, and you can feel free to choose the brand that most appeals to you. Look for a shoe with a rubber sole and a wide construction. You should avoid shoes designed for running or trail use, as the rough, textured sole used here can actually hamper your grip. You want a smooth sole that will grip the surface of the board. A decent pair of shoes can be found for $40 or $50 at most shoes stores.

With the information above, you should be able to choose the best skateboard protective gear for your needs and ensure that you are safe while having fun.

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