Learn about which Yoga gear is right for you in our Tech School


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Learn about which Yoga gear is right for you in our Tech School

More about Yoga Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is important, even in a simple discipline like yoga. While there are no weights needed and no safety gear required, you will find that the equipment listed above will make it easier for you to be comfortable.

Mats: Yoga mats should be long enough to keep your entire body off the floor, but do not need to be super thick. A decent mat can cost as little as $10 or $15, though you will find more expensive options out there. Straps: Straps help you achieve difficult poses, and provide some support, as well. Most straps are made of woven natural fibers, and you'll find that they cost only about $10 or so.

Blocks: Yoga blocks provide you with support and help you modify your poses more easily. Blocks can be simple or they can be complex, with holes cut in them to provide a variety of different grips. You'll find that blocks cost between $10 and $20, but you can expect to pay more for more advanced construction.

Gloves and Socks: Gloves and socks are not really required, but they can be useful, particularly those with nonslip surfaces. Most yoga classes take place on smooth floors, so they can help you keep your pose and balance. You'll pay between $10 and $20 for a pair of socks or a pair of gloves.

Balls: Balls come in all shapes and sizes, from large ones to very small ones. Their purpose is to help you achieve different poses more easily, by providing support. Most are inflatable, but you will find some solid options on the market. A good ball will set you back about $10 or so, but you'll find pricier options out there, too.

With the information above, you should be set for your first yoga class!

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