What are MMA (mixed martial arts) protective gear and training equipment?


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What are MMA (mixed martial arts) protective gear and training equipment?

MMA Pads and Training Equipment Explained

MMA (mixed martial arts) is an exciting sport, filled with blood-pumping fights between opponents. Unlike boxing, MMA allows fighters to use numerous different moves and other body parts, as well. Fighting in MMA bouts is an incredible experience, but having the right pads and training equipment will help ensure that you are prepared for the reality of the ring.

An essential part of being a successful fighter is having the right training. While the right coach and the right training regimen are both indispensible, it's also vital that you have the right MMA pads and training equipment. There are several different types of pads used to train fighters, and they all play an important role in preparing you for a fight.

Thai kick pads are exactly what they sound like. These pads are worn by your partner or coach, one on each hand, and are used to block the force of your kicks. These pads come in several different shapes and sizes, from rounded shapes to rectangular pads. There are also different technologies employed, including standard padding, air and other options, as well.

Punch mitts are also used here. Again, these are worn by your partner, trainer or coach, but these pads are used to block the force of your punches. Using punch mitts allows you to put all of your power behind a blow without actually harming the person on the receiving end of the punch. Punch mitts are usually rounded at the top and tapered at the bottom, and are essentially nothing more than a padded glove attached to a large piece of padding.

Shields and targets are also used in MMA training. These can be used to block kicks or punches, but are single pieces, rather than two-piece systems like Thai pads and punch mitts. You'll find different sizes available, from standard to large and extra large, depending on your specific training needs. There are square, rectangular and round shaped targets and shields, as well. Punch shields are excellent training tools to help improve accuracy in a fighter, as well.

While you won't have the benefit of padding when you step into a real fight, there are body protectors that can (and should) be worn during certain types of training. For instance, when you train against another fighter, it's important to be able to fight at your highest capacity without injuring the other fighter. Body protectors that protect the midsection, chest, belly, thighs and back ensure that you are able to get the training you need without harming your sparring partner.

Finally, gloves are a good idea when training for an MMA bout. You'll find a wide range of different glove types out there, from boxing bag gloves to sparring gloves, women's MMA gloves, hybrid gloves and more. MMA fight gloves are also important pieces of equipment, and you should train with these, as well as using them in a fight.

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