What is MX (motocross) Protective Gear?


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What is MX (motocross) Protective Gear?

Making Sense of MX Protective Gear

Of course, you'll need to know a bit more about what kinds of gear you need there are several different pieces of equipment on the market, and they all play an important role in keeping you safe and unharmed on the track.

An Introduction to MX Protective Gear

For new riders, ensuring that you purchase the right kinds of gear off the bat is important. Not doing so can put you at risk for serious injuries very easily. Where do you start, though? Should you rush out and buy a deflector right away? Should you purchase special socks? What about elbow and kneepads?

It Starts Beneath the Protector

While the chest deflector, or protector, is one of the most visible pieces of protective gear for MX riders, your protection actually starts a bit deeper. You'll find that really protecting yourself on the track means having the right clothing under your deflector.

Wearing the right type of shirt under your deflector is important. This shirt should be relatively tight fitting, but not uncomfortable. The best option is to wear a type of lightweight synthetic material, such as nylon or a lycra/nylon blend. It should be breathable, which will allow your perspiration to evaporate, but the fabric itself should wick moisture away from your body.

The next consideration here is the shorts that you'll wear. Again, you will want to purchase a synthetic material lycra/nylon blends are excellent for keeping you comfortable and as dry as possible while riding. You should also make sure that the shorts have an elastic waistband to help keep roost and debris out. A padded crotch pad is also an important consideration here, and they should be form fitting for the best comfort and fit.

Elbow and kneepads are vital considerations here. Never ride without these, as you're far more likely to hit your elbows or knees during motocross than any other part of your body. Bruises, cuts, scrapes and even broken bones can result if you don't choose the right options.

A kidney belt is an important consideration, as well. These belts will protect the area around your kidneys and should help to wick perspiration away from your skin.

Neck collars are also good additions to your protective gear, and will help prevent neck injuries.

Boots are vital considerations, and you'll find a range of different styles and sizes, from those that reach just above the ankle to those that rise almost to the knee.

Gloves protect your hands from cuts, scrapes and debris, as well as wicking away sweat, while goggles will help protect your eyes and ensure the best vision while on the track, as well.

Finally, one of the most important pieces of MX protective gear is your helmet it should come with a roost deflector and a visor and should meet or exceed ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS-218.

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