POC Spine VPD Vest WO


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POC Spine VPD Vest WO

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POC Spine VPD Vest WO- To protect you with full comfort

This upper body protective gear is designed especially for women. Featuring women specific design, it has a low cut neck and a grippy waistband to provide ergonomic fit. This protective gear provides you enough flexibility and freedom of movement. POC Spine VPD Vest WO can be used with or without the removable waistband. . It is the most suitable choice for ski & snowboarding.

POC Spine VPD Vest WO- Great choice for every woman

As it is composed of VPD (Visco-elastic-polymer-dough), it has amazing energy absorbing properties. VPD is extremely supple and soft to allow flexibility and comfort during rides, but as energy or force is applied, it stiffens to prevent from injuries. The back protector available in this POC Spine VPD Vest WO is inserted in a washable protective vest and can be easily removed as per your choice. It is developed with the attachments of coccyx and cervical protectors for adding protection for neck and spine.

Features of POC Spine VPD Vest WO

  • Light in weight
  • Long term durability
  • VPD layer of high density for maximum protection
  • Perfectly comfortable
  • It has ventilation holes
  • Waistband is made up of spandex
  • Breathable materials

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