Pro-tec IPS Women's Hip Pad | Padded Shorts


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Pro-tec IPS Women's Hip Pad | Padded Shorts

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Pro-tec IPS Women's Hip Pad | Padded Shorts

  • Machine wash ability
  • Breathable materials make you cooler and dryer when itís hot outside
  • It has specially designed pads that protect hips and tights

The Pro-tec IPS Women's Hip Pad | Padded Shorts, with ProTec's womens specific snowboard & ski padded short. Low-profile stretch fit padded shorts construction and impact padding. Women can wear these padded shorts with extra protection they need without anyone knowing about it. Padded shorts with great build for multi-sport use. Pro-Tec padded shorts constructed with light weight and breathable materials. "Now growing all things protective" Contact us anytime by email:, through LIVE CHAT at the lower right corner of our page, on Facebook (click the LIKE button) or call us 1-800-766-7269


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