What are Roller Derby Pads and Protective Gear?


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What are Roller Derby Pads and Protective Gear?

Making the Best Choice in Roller Derby Protective Gear

Roller derby has gained enormous popularity lately, rising once more to prominence in many different areas. This physical sport requires both offense and defense, and players need to have considerable skill to remain on their feet during a game. It is very common for falls to happen, though, as this is a contact sport. If you'll be hitting the track with your team, it's certainly in your best interests to have the right roller derby pads and other protective gear.

Of course, as roller derby has only regained its popularity in the US in recent years, it might be a little difficult to determine exactly what sort of pads and roller derby protective gear you need to purchase. The answers might surprise you, as there are quite a few different pieces of equipment that you might require. Let's take a look at some of the basics and then move on to some of the optional components.

Like most sports where accidents or contact with other participants can happen, a helmet is required for roller derby. These can take many different styles, though the most commonly used type of helmet is the skateboard or half-shell style. Hardhat helmets are sometimes worn here, but they are not as common as the half-shell style. Another vital piece of roller derby protective gear is a set of elbow pads. There is a high likelihood that you will fall at some point during the game, and hitting the track is not a pleasant experience. Having the right elbow pads will ensure that you do not bruise or even break your elbows. Kneepads are also important, and for the same reason as elbow pads. That track is hard, whether you're playing on a wood floor or cement, and contacting it at speed with your knee is not going to be fun.

Those three components a helmet, kneepads and elbow pads are the only hard requirements for playing roller derby. However, that's not the end of protective equipment for the sport. There are several other pieces that can help you out. Roller derby chest and rib protectors are important options and can help protect your ribs, as well as your breasts during a game (male versions are available as well, but female protectors are more common, as the sport is predominantly female). These fit like a bra and provide important padding.

In addition to chest protectors, you will find that mouth guards are very good things to have. These offer protection in the event of a fall or a stray elbow. Compression shorts are also important options, as they can help provide padding for your front and rear, while hip, thigh and tailbone pads are available in shorts, or in designs that fit over shorts, as well. Spine protection pads are also very popular. Sliding shorts are popular pieces of gear, and they help protect you from abrasions from sliding across the track.

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