SixSixOne Comp Pressure Suit


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SixSixOne Comp Pressure Suit

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SixSixOne Comp Pressure Suit for supreme protection

Utmost quality protective gears are said to be the best investment for an adventure sport lover. It is completely unfair to try any sport without apt protective measures that can seriously put you in the risky and event fatal situation. SixSixOne Comp Pressure Suit is one of the most advanced protective gears that are exclusively designed to shield your upper body.

Highly Durable SixSixOne Comp Pressure Suit

SixSixOne Comp Pressure Suit plays a vital role in safe guarding your tender upper body parts from getting injured in case of crash or fall. This incredible pressure suit is comprised of hard shell and soft padding which comfortably supports your back, chest and spine. This is especially designed for the people who practice sports such as BMX, mountain bike, snowboarding, roller derby and ski.

Features of SixSixOne Comp Pressure Suit

  • Made up comfortable open weave stretchable fabric
  • It has elastic Velcro waist belt
  • CE-Certified articulating back coverage
  • Extremely durable and comfortable
  • Comprises of elbow and forearm shield guard

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