SixSixOne Vapor Pressure Suit


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SixSixOne Vapor Pressure Suit

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Utmost quality of SixSixOne Vapor Pressure Suit

This protective upper body armor is designed in a way to provide complete protection and comfort to the adventure sports player. This gear is essential to safeguard you from any type of severe injuries in case of crash or fall. It is one of the most efficient vapor pressure suits available in the market.

SixSixOne Vapor Pressure Suit for absolute protection

This SixSixOne Vapor Pressure Suit is made up of the most durable and skin friendly fabric to provide the complete comfort to the player. It offers absolute safety to the adventure sport player by protecting their tender body parts such as shoulders, chest and back. Employ this amazing latest designed gear to ensure your safety while performing the high risky moves.

Features of SixSixOne Vapor Pressure Suit

  • Comes with adjustable Velcro straps to ensure perfect fitting
  • Embedded support belt
  • It has injected molded chest protection
  • It is made up of moisture wicking fabric
  • Built in forearm, shoulder and elbow pads won't shift position

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