What is Snowmobile Protective Gear?


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What is Snowmobile Protective Gear?

Snowmobile Protective Gear and Your Outdoor Enjoyment

Snowmobiling is a lot of fun, whether you are racing or just out enjoying nature. You'll find that snowmobiling is offered in many different places that have sufficient snow, from Yellowstone National Park to rural areas around your home. Getting out and enjoying the world on the back of a snowmobile can be a lot of fun, but it also requires that you have the right protective gear. What should you know before you crank up that machine and sled off into the wilderness?

First, you need to dress correctly. The most important snowmobile protective gear is actually clothing to help you stay warm and dry in that winter wonderland. So, you need to start at the beginning. You'll want to dress in layers, and that begins with your undergarments. A good thermal undershirt is a requirement. If you're a bit put off by scratching thermal shirts, then you can opt for a polypropylene one that will offer a smoother feel. You also need thermal underwear, as well a good pair will help keep you warm and dry by wicking away moisture.

On top of your underclothes, you're going to need a good fleece jacket and a pair of ski pants or a bib system. The jacket should be lightweight, but capable of retaining heat. Fleece is the best material for this, but there are synthetic options out there that can be just as good. Ski pants are waterproof and will help keep your body warm as you ride across the snow. On top of your fleece jacket, you'll need a ski jacket, as well. This should be water and windproof, but breathable. As a note, your jacket should have a lined hood that can be tightened to keep in warmth. You shouldn't forget your socks and boots here, either. A good pair of thick socks is important, and you should ensure that your boots are adequate for being outdoors in the snow and cold for long hours. Fleece-lined and Thinsulate-lined boots are great options. You should make sure that your boots are tall, as well. You will have to step off your snowmobile at some point, and having tall boots is important for keeping the snow and ice out and the heat in.

The last part of personal snowmobiling protective gear is to have a good pair of goggles. These will keep the wind and snow out of your face. Choose a pair with UV protection and a decent tint, as well, as you'll likely have to contend with sun glare from the snow, as well as from overhead. Don't forget that you also need a good pair of gloves, too.

Now, there are other pieces of equipment that you might need, depending on where, when and how often you ride. For instance, if you will be going out into the woods on unmarked trails, an excellent option is a backpack with an inflatable airbag. This can save your life if you fall through ice. Another good option is to carry an avalanche beacon with you. If you are caught in an avalanche, this beacon can help rescue workers find you quickly.

If you feel that you need more protection on your body, or if you race your snowmobile, you might consider purchasing a protective vest. These pieces of armor can help ensure that you are able to protect your chest and shoulders from debris, obstacles and other threats.

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