Triple Eight Brainsaver Rubber Skateboard Helmet With Sweatsaver Liner


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Triple Eight Brainsaver Rubber Skateboard Helmet With Sweatsaver Liner

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About Triple Eight

When you think about action sports protective gear, the only name you need to know is Triple Eight. Why? Because Triple Eight is a company that embodies everything that is pure, authentic and soulful in skateboarding and beyond, much like New York City itself. You see, for the past 10 years, we here at Triple Eight have brought you the highest quality protective gear, covered you from head to toe and allowed you to push your limits while being safe.

There is no other protective gear company that delivers the craftsmanship, innovation and style as Triple Eight. Our products are utilized in a variety of action sports that include skateboarding, snowboarding, inline skating ("roller blading"), biking, wakeboarding, roller derby and more. Whether you are the veteran pro, the aspiring amateur or a first timer, Triple Eight has you protected.

The Triple Eight Brainsaver Rubber Helmet With Sweatsaver Liner is a top rated helmet designed for multi-impact protection. It is popular as one of the best protective gears suited for skateboarding, longboarding, inline skating and roller derby. The patented Sweatsaver liner takes very good care of sweating that takes place during skateboarding. This is capable of getting rid of any smells, stinging, and even the eye blurring and irritation that is usually caused due to running sweat. High level of protection blended with an anti-bacterial liner that sucks the moisture away, makes this perfect and a stink proof helmet.

Top Features:

  • Designed to absorb multiple impacts
  • Adjustable Straps for a good fit
  • Triple Eight Customized Logo Rivets
  • Classic design suitable for skating
  • A great choice for sports like skateboarding, longboarding, inline skating and roller derby
  • Stylish with a sporty and scratch proof rubber finish
  • A complete wrap around of your head makes the liner stick with the helmet shape

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